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Les étudiants qui suivent des examens

Training for exams

Both French Native and Immersion tracks prepare students
to 3 types of exams / competitions: 

Click on the logos to access to the dedicated websites

Delf logo.png

The DELF is an international exam recognized by French universities.

For example, for a 6-month scientific university exchange, the DELF B1 is required.

Le grand concours logo.png

The National French Contest is an American competition that contributes to the application to American universities.

AP logo.png

The AP French Language & Culture, like other Advanced Placement, is an exam offered in high school which allows students to acquire university credits


If the student has a French elective in college, credits will already be acquired.

Example at ASU (Arizona State University):

DELF overview:

3 categories: 

- Prim (7-11 years old)

- Junior (12 years old)

- Adult

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