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How to register to
La French Classe?

1. Initial contact
Reglement des frais

The initial contact aims at discussing the level of expression of your child and their knowledge of French language. We review your expectations (e.g. exploring a new language, maintaining a level, preparing for DELF or AP French exams), identify the class suitable for your child's needs, agree on the homework commitment and the tuition fee. Contact us.

2. Free trial  lesson

You may opt for for a free trial lesson in order to make sure which class is the best fit for your child. For more information, visit our request a free trial page.

3. Pre-registration

Registration during the year using the pre-registration form below is possible, for existing classes only and subject to acceptance by the teacher.

For next year, pre-register now. This will allow us to anticipate opening new classes.

4. Registration

The school year begins at the end of August and ends mid-May.
The class schedule is established end of May. Pre-register using the link above.

Once the class opening and schedule is confirmed, you will receive an invoice with the registration fees. Registration is effective upon payment of the fees.

Terms and Conditions

  • Each class has a limited number of enrolled students to provide the best quality of teaching to all while being able to asses individual progress.

  • A new class is open when there is a minimum of three (3) registered students. 

  • New classes can be opened at each beginning of academic year (August).

  • Children may be registered all year long in an existing class as long as the teacher accepts the registration.

3. Registration and Payment
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