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Subscriptions and French magazines

Some fun readings to perfect one's French!


Bayard Jeunesse with over twenty magazines designed for children from 1 to 15 is one of the major publishers for children and teenagers in France. We use some of their magazines in the class, in particular  "Mes premières Belles Histoires" and "Mes premiers J'aime Lire".

logo ecole loisirs.png

L'Ecole des loisirs is a publisher of litterature for children used by teachers in French schools. Eight collections are proposed for various age groups and fluency.  La French Classe is a partner with l'Ecole des loisirs and will be able to assist you to identify which collection is best suited for your family. L'Ecole des loisirs also features a site with recordings made by French instructors who read books. This is ideal for our families who do not speak French at home.

logo milan.png

Milan Presse publishes a variety of books and magazines for a young public from 3 to 15 years old. Their offering for the little ones is uniquely suitable for our immersion classes with books to listen to and sing with, animated books, and books to touch that allow kids enrolled in our first immersion classes to enjoy the books, and listen to French stories at home even if no one speaks French in the family. We also recommend the "Histoires pour les petits," which stories are always funny and enjoyable for the little ones. They are beautifully illustrated and come with an audio CD!

logo gallimard.png

Gallimard  is one of the most prestigious French publishers funded by Gaston Gallimard a century ago. Gallimard Jeunesse offers a catalogue of over 400 new titles each year including novels, documentaries, audio-books, and comics of great quality designed for a public from 1 to young adults.


Faton Jeunesse publishes six magazines for a young public from 4 to 15 years old. Each magazine focuses on a specific theme. They include litterature, art, archeology, history and science.

nathan logo.png

Nathan editor has always partnered with the French education system. They publish textbooks as well as various books and board games specifically designed for children of school age. Some of the textbooks used by La French Class are published by Nathan. We also love their offering of summer revision books typically published for the long summer break so that children can keep their little heads busy with learning games and activities. These books are perfect to complement the teaching made at La French Classe.

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